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• Part of iNDELIBLE's business development team closing million dollar+ agency engagements with a variety of major media, consumer retail, pharmaceutical, and online businesses through creative and strategic presentations (2006-2010)

• Developed online business strategies, development specifications, and marketing campaigns for a variety of consumer content, ecommerce, b2b, intranet, extranet, and new products/brands for iNDELIBLE (2006-2010)

• Executive approval on all iNDELIBLE budgets, staffing plans, hiring, and proposal generation for iNDELIBLE agency engagements (2006-2010)

• Developed TV Guide content distribution deals for Comcast and Time Warner to deliver online to analog and digital set-top box (2002-2005)

• Conceived and developed TV Guide’s online video search strategy developing content distribution deals with a variety of cable channels and partners (2005-2006)

• Create and managed TV Guide Online’s Ad operations to grew to double digit million dollar annual revenue - Tied with AOL in Jack Myer’s 2005 survey of best online publisher advertiser support organizations (2002-2006)

• Instituted and managed weekly TV Guide Online sales meetings that connected the online editorial initiatives with strategic advertising sales opportunities (2002-2006)

• Launched TV Guide’s broadband initiatives (2004)

• Launched TV Guide’s mobile/PDA initiatives (2002)

• Pioneer online content syndication, in the mid-90s, for TV related content and listings distribution (clients included NBC, CNN, Cartoon Network, USA, Yahoo!) (1996-1999)

• Key strategist as one of Yahoo!’s earliest syndication partners delivering dynamic content TV listings into the portal (1996)

• Account director on Vizio TVs system widget for the Yahoo! Konfabulator dock and new customer interactive set-up menu (2008-2009)

• Product development lead and creative director for various web gaming properties and products for Fox Sports, Fox TV, Kesmai Corporation, TVGuide.com, Genuine Games, GIST.com (Webby Award winning site), and Mamamedia (1994-2006)

• Lead creative direction on multiple versions of web-based IPGs for GIST.com and TVGuide.com (1996-2006)

• Created, developed, and launched the successful online multi-player game "Big Network Boss" for TVGuide.com with Arkadium Games (2005)

• Lead strategist on creation and launch of multiple ecommerce sites (1997-2010)

• TVGuide.com consistently averaged a better than 15 minutes per month of time spent (per unigue user) during my tenor (2001-2006)

• Managed TV Guide Online’s editorial team, Online Editor-in-Chief was my direct report (2005-2006)

• VP/GM of TVGuide.com when named best consumer entertainment website by OMMA (Online Marketing and Media Association) (2005)

• Executive Producer on TV Guide Emmy broadband award shows (2005)

• Oversaw development of multiple TV Guide Magazine “special edition” covers with embedded mini-CDs and access codes to unlock premium online content (2004-2005)

• Member of IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) Task Force on Rich Media Guidelines and standards (2003-2005)

• Conceived and produced “TV Guide Talk”, frequently an iTunes Top 50 Podcast and achieved international distribution (2004-2005)

• Conceived and developed widgets for TV Guide (2004-2005)

• Developed and launched an online learning portal “Dreamlife.com” for motivational speaker Tony Robbins (1999-2001)

• Founding member of Webby Award winning Gist.com TV entertainment website (1996-1999)

• Key strategist and creative lead during Fox/News Corp’s early 90s entry in the online space for a variety of major consumer brands including TV Guide, Fox Sports, Fox News, fX Channel, The X-Files, Power Rangers: The Movie, Fox Kids, Diehard with a Vengeance (Movie), Delphi Internet Services, etc.(1994-1996)

• Oversaw all site metrics reporting for multiple companies I’ve worked for with direct analysis on revenue generation (1996-2010)

• Product development lead for TV Guide Networks video on-demand platform for web and set-top IPG content and advertising integration (2002-2005)

• Created, developed, and launched the first dynamic, Flash-based IPG for TV Guide with Macromedia (2005)

• Closed buiness deal and lead product integration for RealArcade on TVGuide.com (2004)

• Lead product developer on platform for Gemstar-TV IPG consumer content syndication to web and cable (2001-2003)

• Creative director and product designer for the GIST.com TV Listings syndication platform that supplied Yahoo TV and Turner Networks listings (1997-1999)

• Creative director and product designer for Genuine Games/iGuide.com (1994-1995)

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